Neighbourhood Guide Recently Visited The Village of Elora

Neighbourhood Guide recently enjoyed a road trip to the Village of Elora which is approximately 1.5 hours from Toronto. The day started with a delicious lunch at the Elora Mill restaurant overlooking the waterfall. This was followed by a hike through Elora Gorge Park and its many scenic vistas of the Elora Gorge and the Grand River. A well marked path allowed us to explore the river banks and the many spectacular caves lining the ancient walls of the Gorge. After the hike we strolled through the Village and into the Elora Downtown with its many fine shops and restaurants and curio shops. We finished off the day with a short drive to the Elora Conservation Area which features 72 foot high limestone cliffs and a popular swimming hole with emerald green water. Elora is a must visit for anybody living or travelling in the Toronto area.