Courtesy of: The Hogtown Walking Commuter; Facebook Page By Phil Crawford

On my walk at St. James’ Cemetery, I came across the grave of Toronto’s greatest architect, EJ Lennox.

EJ was truly a visionary. He designed over 70 buildings in the city of Toronto. Although my personal favourite architect at the time was Frank Darling, (BMO-Hockey Hall of fame building/Convocation Hall, Summerhill LCBO), Lennox gave this city style.

After finishing at the top of his class in architecture in Toronto he soon established his own firm in 1881.

EJ rose to the top of his profession and quickly became one of this countries most celebrated architects. He won the contract for Toronto’s City Hall in 1886. Now called the Old City Hall.

His Richardsonian-Romanesque style incorporates 11th and 12th century southern French, Spanish, and Italian characteristics you see in all of his buildings today.

They include:

-Mausoleum of Hart Massey (Mt. Pleasant Cemetery)

-Toronto Athletic Club

-Old City Hall

-King Edward Hotel

-Casa Loma

-St. Paul’s Anglican Church- Bloor St. E.

-Toronto Western Hospital

-Most to all historic homes in The Annex.

Edward James Lennox died in Toronto on April 15, 1933. He was 78. His grave is meters away from A.E. LePage’s grave. First full-time real estate agent in Toronto.

Next time your walking this great city, look up once in awhile. His legacy is all around us amongst the glass and steel.